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The establishment of Asharqiyah Development Company came within the agricultural renaissance that was enjoyed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its desire to ensure self sufficiency in food stuff through its own resources not only for the Kingdom but also for the Gulf region and the whole world. The Eastern Development Company has taken it upon itself to provide its products in the Eastern Province through its agricultural resources that were built with investments in the different fields of agriculture, agro-industries. More recently, within the framework of the economic prosperity enjoyed by the Kingdom at present and the progressive development in the different fields, Asharqiyah Development Company’s management has decided to enhance this progress by adding several new economic activities to its original plans as follows:

  • 55 Establish and manage agricultural, animal husbandry, agro-industrial, food stuff and marketing
  • 55 Wholesale and retail trade in foodstuff, agricultural products, animal fodder and fertilizers
  • 55 Purchase land to erect buildings to be invested by selling or renting them on behalf of the
  • 55 Establish canning and bottling of healthy water, juices, dairy products and its byproducts and
  • 55 Establishment, management and operation of tourist and entertainment projects