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Asharqiyah Development Company was established under Ministerial Resolution number 406 dated 21/11/1406H as a Saudi Joint Stock Company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under Commercial Registration No. 2050016477 issued in Dammam and dated 19/1/1407 or 23/9/1986. The Company’s issued and fully paid up capital is SR 75 million divided into 7.5 million shares with a face value of SR 10 per share.

According to the Company’s stature, its main activities are as follows:

  • 55 Agricultural production
  • 55 Animal husbandry
  • 55 Agro-industries that depend on agricultural and animal products
  • 55 Land reclamation and irrigation projects
  • 55 Import of grain, seeds and animal fodder to meet its own requirements and others and 
      import and manufacturing of agricultural equipment
  • 55 Acting as specialized commercial agents for the Company’s activities
  • 55 Marketing agricultural products and development of agricultural projects

12aWithin the framework of the economic renaissance enjoyed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the progressive development in the different fields, the management of Asharqiyah Development Company in its efforts to maintain the momentum decided to add several economic activities as follows:

  • 55 Development and marketing of agricultural projects
  • 55 Wholesale and retail trade in food stuff, agricultural 
       products, animal fodder and fertilizers
  • 55 Purchase land to erect buildings to be invested by selling or renting them on behalf of the
  • 55 Establish canning and bottling of healthy water, juices, dairy products and its byproducts and    foodstuff
  • 55 Establishment, management and operation of tourist and entertainment projects

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