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qqThe Fadally project lies 160 km north west of Dammam in the area called Fadally and with a total area, allocated to the Company by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of some 600,000 sqm (600 km2) or 5,500 hectares. The land is ready for agricultural production with 66 wells including their pipes, pumps and other agricultural requirements. The project also includes an office building for management, residential building for staff and service area that encompasses a repair workshop for equipment, fittings and cars, silos for grain storage and a storage area for agricultural products including all its requirements such as cardboard boxes, rope and wire. The project also maintains a large amount of irrigation equipment, milk trucks and other methods to enhance production. The project began it trial run during the season of 1984/85.

Production Projects

23First Animal Husbandry Project:

55 Production of fresh milk: the production reached 14.5   million liters per annum and the Company has been marketing this product within and outside the Kingdom with long term   contracts

55 Calf breeding: the production reached about 1800 heads per annum and the management has utilized the female calves in milk production and the males for fattening

55 Calves fattening: the Company operates a calves fattening operation for the production of fresh meat that is marketed through the Company’s outlets or through long term contracts with its customers

55 Sheep production: this incorporates fattening as well as production and fattening of sheep and goats and is marketed through the Company’s outlets or through long term contracts with its customers

55 Production of bio-fertilizers: the Company produces large quantities of bio-fertilizers which is   marketed though the Company’s outlet located within the project

55 Honey production: the Company produces about 1100 half kilo containers annually which is   marketed through the Company’s outlets

Secondly agricultural production:

Fodder production:

55 Clover: the Company farms a large area that reaches 1100 hectares with average of 12 tons per hectare and markets the product either through the Company’s outlets or long term contracts with its customersimages36

55 Rhodes grass: the Company farms an area that reaches 420 hectares with average of 18 tons per hectare and markets the product either through the Company’s outlets or long term contracts with its customers

55 Wheat and corn hay: the Company sells these products as animal fodder through its outlets

55 Date production: the Company planted a substantial number of palm trees as a separate activity and is a shareholder in several palm production companies

55 Rented projects: the Company rents large areas in other parts of the Kingdom such as the North and this land is farmed with suitable crops as part of the Company’s aim of diversifying sources of income

The Company is ceaseless in it endeavors to acquire specialized skills and professional advisors in the field of animal husbandry, weather forecast, agricultural and animal production, agro-industries, and foodstuff industry to prepare studies that are then put to good use in all sections of the projects. Also the Company benefits from the advisors and advise provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources.

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